Valentine’s Day temptations

Fleur of England
Fleur of England

I wish you a playful Valentine’s Day to come, and I let you some ideas of marvellous garments to offer or to wear on that so special occasion!

An absolutely new Valentine’s Day with that Parah Noir and Ritratti sets, first pieces from their summer 2010 collections arrived this morning at Cazar
Parah Noir Ritratti
Parah Noir / Ritratti – Click to enlarge

A voluptuous and romantic Valentine’s day with Fleur of England, through her two last beautiful collections Crush and Dessert (below) but also with some old pieces, as the so naughty little heart pictured above, still available on her online shop
Fleur of england Fleur of england
Fleur of England – Click to enlarge

A sexy and provocative Valentine’s Day at Myla, which proposes some special offers (free suspender with some knicker and bra sets) to discover on and a short animation which proposes to see Myla’s lingerie worn by delicious models:
Myla Myla
Myla – Click to enlarge

Or an absolutely luxurious Valentine’s Day with this Agent Provocateur set: yes, it costs 500 euros for few grams of lace and silk, but how tempting is it!
It’s also one of the first sets revealed from their new spring collections
Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur – Click to enlarge

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