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    The 2015 Lingerie Year

    It’s a tradition since the creation of petite-Coquette in 2006 (you can view the archives here) here is our selection of the 10 most beautiful lingerie set, nightwear pieces and swimsuits of the year 2015. A year marked by a creation globally less provocative and more romantic than the previou...

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    The 2014 Lingerie Year

    As usual before Christmas, here is The 2014 Petite-Coquette Lingerie Year : the ten outfits, brands, designers or lingerie collections the more creatives, surprising or seductive of the past 12 months. And the winners are…: In the category “Out of competition“, of course, and Im sure y...

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    The 2013 Lingerie Year !

    As each year, here is our intimate selection of the 10 most beautiful pieces, brands or lingerie events of the year! Feel free to comment on our Facebook to share your favorites. Starting with a special dedicace to the come-back of La Perla Black Label which has warmed my heart! We continue with, of...

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    The 2012 Lingerie Year !

    As each year, here is our presentation of the most beautiful lingerie of the year! A definitely subjective but so Coquette selection 😉 Starting by our favourite of the year: the discovery of Amoralle, formerly Sockbox, which designs fantastical and delicious lingerie garments! Special mention to ...

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    The 2011 Lingerie Year

    As each year it’s a pleasure to present our ten favorite brands, collections or lingerie masterpieces of the year. Here is the Petite-Coquette 2011 Lingerie Year! The angelic wrap for its humour,the suspender-top for its sensuality,and all the collections of Kriss Soonik The String collection,...

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    2010 Lingerie Year

    As each year, here is our selection of the most beautiful, extravagant, surprising or sensual lingerie sets or brands presented on 2010 on petite-Coquette! With a special mention and our congratulations to the naughty French lingerie from Jupons de Tess See all our articles about Les Jupons de Tess ...

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    The Lingerie Year 2009

    Ten temptations, among many others, picked up in our favorites of 2009;as ten ways to make yourself Coquette 😉 For this beautiful stockings, but also to have launched a complete lingerie range and a webshop, for their creativity and their originality, our friends from French Cancan For this irres...

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    The Lingerie Year 2008

    Little round-up on the blog in this ending year, and little come-back on the 2008 Lingerie Year to present you some choices of Petite Coquette through a short selection of particularly interesting lingerie pieces. The more tempting is a knickers from Strumpet & Pink, full of frou-frous and deli...

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    The most beautiful lingerie of the year

    At the hour to soon begin a new year, here a small return over 2006 with a personal selection of the 12 more beautiful lingerie sets discovered in my preferred designers. A so subjective choice, of course, between so many seductive collections. And you, which do you prefer? The beautiful pearl linge...

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