The 2014 Lingerie Year

The 2014 Lingerie Year by Petite Coquette

As usual before Christmas, here is The 2014 Petite-Coquette Lingerie Year : the ten outfits, brands, designers or lingerie collections the more creatives, surprising or seductive of the past 12 months.
And the winners are…:

In the category “Out of competition“, of course, and Im sure you will understand me, the collection I have designed is my favourite !
♥ by Petite Coquette
The 2014 Lingerie Year Petite Coquette

In the category “Soft as silk, warm as velvet and see-through as tulle” I’m definitely felt in love with the collection Estefania by Myla.
♥ Myla
The 2014 Lingerie Year Myla

In the category “Underwear as outerwear” the excellent Kriss Soonik and its so charming tennis polo.
♥ Kriss Soonik
The 2014 Lingerie Year Kriss Soonik

In the category “Sophisticated boudoir” the english brand Tatu Couture for all their collection and particularly for their Sylvia bra and Josephine collar.
♥ Tatu Couture
The 2014 Lingerie Year Tatu Couture

In the category “Agent Provocateur” 😉 without hesitation the brand new Evalyne.
♥ Agent Provocateur
The 2014 Lingerie Year Agent Provocateur

In the category “New Brand” I’d like to congratulate Edge O’Beyond which marvellously mixes its shiny accessories to the softness of the lace.
♥ Edge O’Beyond
The 2014 Lingerie Year Edge O’Beyond

In the category “Absolute Glamour” the sumptuous collections from Les Jupons de Tess.
♥ Les Jupons de Tess
The 2014 Lingerie Year Les Jupons de Tess

In the category “RIP” the brand Valisère which presents unfortunately its last collection.
♥ Valisère
The 2014 Lingerie Year Valisère

In the category “On the beach” the absolutely magical Sarrieri collection.
♥ Sarrieri
The 2014 Lingerie Year Sarrieri

And to conclude in the category “40 years of career and she still arrives to surprise us” the unique and so talentuous Chantal Thomass, and particularly her beautiful collection Coup de Foudre.
♥ Chantal Thomass
The 2014 Lingerie Year Chantal Thomass

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