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    Refreshing beachwear

    Weather is tropical here in France and the only comfortable place to be is a beach but I’m still at work thinking to my holidays to come, so here is a short presentation of three swimwear and beachwear designers which particularly attract me this season. Albertine Starting with Albertine which...

  • Hot : the new Swimwear range !

    When one of the more provocative and uninhibited of the lingerie brands launches a swimwear collection, the less we can say is that our curiosity is aroused ! It’s so a delight to invite you to discover the new bikinis, which successfuly evoke the lingerie collection but are (fortunately) a little...

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    After beach : my Summer 2016 outfits

    Unable to think to anything else than the next holidays, I’ve chosen today my Summer 2016 after-beach outfits, and my favourites are an overall designed by Christies and an absolutely delicious little dress from the collection Suggest, both available on Cazar (which is step by step becoming th...

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    The Marybloom bohemian beach

    What’s better in these first Spring days than the collection of swimwear and beachwear inspired by the 70’s designed by Marybloom, a young Italian brand discovered this morning thanks to Cazar ? The crochet bikinis as the kaftans and tunics in soft cotton and linen are diabolically light...

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    Desire of Sunshine !

    Spring is coming and with it the holidays, beaches and sunshine... As a taste of these delicious days, here is the new swimwear collection which will make the holidays more sexy than ever ! The brand indeed dares all the eccentricities, from cut out swimsuits to mini-bikinis, and offers a collecti...

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    The PilyQ sensuous beach

    PilyQ is in my opinion one of the more interesting american brand of swimwear, probably because of its european inspirations, claimed through the Barcelona added under the brand. They not only offer a collection of bikinis incredibly sexy but also a large range of very seductive beach outfits which ...

  • The beach will be radiant

    Still looking for swimwear for the summer to come I must invite you to discover this marvellous beachwear collection. A designer collection which offers a nice variety of models all more attractive the one than the others.
    The bikini's are blazing of sensuality but easy to wear in any occasion...

  • B

    Beach Couture by Sumarie

    As a ray of sunshine after this rainy week-end spent thinking to the next holidays, I had the pleasure to discover Sumarie, a british brand founded in 2012 by Marie Su which offers absolutely ravishing Couture swimsuits and beachwear. It’s sexy but never naughty, sophisticated but not flashy, ...

  • [Wonder] The Solal swimsuit

    This Solal overall-short swimsuit is a real little marvel : in the same time modern and vintage, it's one of the more sensual swimsuit I have ever seen !
    A swimsuit presented as a "one piece" but which can be worn with a bikini top...

  • S

    Save The Queen brings the tattoo to the beach

    Here is a collection very inspired by the Tatu Couture lingerie but which is not dedicated to the boudoirs but to the tropical beaches and charming hotels swimming-pools : the collection Bad Queen designed by Save The Queen is just arrived on Cazar and the less I can say is that it has immediately c...

  • W

    Winter sunshine : Pain de Sucre Summer 2015

    Each year it's the same thing: in the heart of the winter comes the new collection and I'm overwhelmed by a desire of holidays. Just looking at these pictures I feel the caress of the sun on my skin and the softness of the water under my feets...
    The collection is particularly rich this year, w...

  • I

    It’s magic !

    Here is the well called Abracadabra: a swimwear collection which plays with a perfect illusion of transparency to suggest that parts of the swimsuits are separated and are holding together thanks to a magical process.
    The effect is striking and the incredibly sexy result will doubtless...

  • B

    Beach again with PilyQ

    PilyQ is a californian brand of swimsuits and beach garments discovered thanks to Pleasurements which offers a selection as sexy as lingerie! On the menu tempting bikini’s, of course, but above all tunics, pants, shorts and beach dresses which will let the sun and the wind barely touch your su...

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    Swimwear & beachwear: a festival of designers on Cazar

    Pepita We like Cazar for plenty reasons but particularly because they offer many designer brands often very attractive. And it’s verified again this season on their beachwear selection where you will find swimwear and beach garments designed by Pepita, Grazia’Lliani, Flavia Padovan, Eniq...

  • Sunshine again: on the beach !

    There is not only the sand which will be blazing this summer, there is also the new beachwear collection ;-)
    You're sure to not stay unremarked with these swimsuits which are sometimes very close to lingerie but which are often absolutely beautiful, suprising, sophisticated and definitely Haute...

  • Here is the sun

    What a pleasure to feel the first rays of sunshine on our skin and in the same time to discover the swimsuits we will wear all the summer!
    Bikini's, one piece and beach dresses, the summer 2014 collection is rich of many temptations which, from the more classic to the more suggestive, have all ...

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    Tropical Paradise, again !

    © Shan – Click to enlarge Today with the sumptuous swimsuits from the Canadian brand Shan: the Haute-Couture of the swimwear which will make the beaches sexy, sophisticated, marvellous..! Summer temptations available on Zalando. © Shan – Click to enlarge Swimwear collection Shan summer...

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    Castle beach

    Is to underline their luxuous way that the brand has choosen to present its beachwear ss13 collection on a castle garden instead of the turquoise water of the Adriatic? It's right that these swimsuits are as sophisticated, and often as charming, as coktail dresses...

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    Minuit Douze on the seaside

    Minuit Douze – Click to enlarge I’ve already told you how I like the charming loungewear from Minuit Douze, but sunnt days are coming and it’s time to have a look on their swimsuits: designed as their lingerie, they’re a mix between a retro romantism and a touch of sophistica...

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    On the beach (2) !

    Or to the swimming pool, depends on your desire to wear a swimsuit as sexy and provocative as a lingerie set! The Agent Provocateur swimsuits are indeed a guarantee to attract on you all the eyes! Summer will be hot 😉 Agent Provocateur – Cliquer pour agrandir Agent Provocateur...

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    On the beach (1) !

    The biggest choice of swimsuits will be this year on Cazar which presents novelties quite each day from many brands and with a large variety of style and prices. Here is a little charming selection 😉 Je Suis – Click to enlarge Swan & Olivia – Click to enlarge Nicole Olivier &...

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    Shan: and the beach becomes dazzling

    Shan – Click to enlarge The Canadian brand Shan has designed, as each year, a Couture swimwear collection absolutely marvellous! Definitely inspired by lingerie as well as by ready-to-wear, these swimsuits are as surprising as seductive and give me the desire of languid beaches, sous le soleil...

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    Guia la Bruna is back !

    Guia la Bruna – Click to enlarge If I must confess that I really miss her charming lingerie (see our archives if you’re discovering her today), it’s each spring a pleasure to discover the new Guia la Bruna swimwear collection. Her swimsuits and her beachwear are full of a nostalgic...

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