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    A few novelties on Strumpet & Pink

    Strumpet and Pink – Click to enlarge Strumpet & Pink has just added a few pieces to its collection of fantas(ma)tic knickers… So, it’s a great occasion to invite you to discover or re-discover Strumpet & Pink, a real UFO on the luxury lingerie scene, offering only a small...

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    New pieces at Strumpet and Pink

    Click to enlarge Some novelties, among which the beautiful Garden of Delights (Vintage) just below, have been revealed on the Strumpet and Pink website, fortunately without replace their past creations (I always wanted to offer myself the Ming Vase as soon as I will have 850 euros…!) A nice ad...

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    Back in the Strumpet & Pink garden of delights

    Click on picture to see larger Some novelties where added to the Strumpet & Pink catalog and it’s a delight to discover it. Their creations are absolutely unique, between languor and lightness, it comes out of these knickers an infinite tenderness, almost naive, as an absolute sensual ple...

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    Strumpet and Pink novelties

    Click on picture to see larger Strumpet & Pink has just update their website with new collections and a new “full screen” presentation which makes this knickers definitely very attractive! Real collector pieces to keep for most important occasions! Click on pictures to see larger Ne...

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    The frivolous knickers from Strumpet & Pink

    Sure, the Strumpet & Pink knickers costs 200 £ and are not for everybody… But I can’t resist to talk about it, as they’re so close from the “playful seduction” spirit we like to promote at Petite-Coquette! This knickers are a perfect mix between cheeky provocation...

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