Salon de la Lingerie 2010, Be Mum (and be sexy !)

be mum - salon de la lingerie
Agathe et ses Princes

Four years after the launching of Hotmilk which has shook the code of the market, the tendancy to a more sophisticated nursing lingerie is confirmed by the oppening of the Be Mum sector at the Salon de la Lingerie.
Petite-Coquette has had a look and I’m back with four brands interesting for their retro looks or their really sexy lingerie:
Agathe et ses Princes, Belgian brand with a funny 60’S style.
Anielina, French brand which proposes sexy lace lingerie and an organic range.
The Australians from Cake lingerie
And of course my favorite: Hotmilk which proposes a very sensual lingerie, designed for pregnant women who absolutely want to stay sexy!

be mum - hotmilk - salon de la lingerie be mum - hotmilk - salon de la lingerie

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