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A few words to say welcome a new online lingerie boutique which is really as we like it ! Mio Destino provides some well-known and interesting brands (Damaris, Guia la Bruna, Janet Reger, Verde Veronica) but also many others which are still difficult to find online as Sista Shei, Bien Fée Pour Toi, Le Monde d’Alba or Yes Master (and very soon the marvellous lingerie collections from Elise Aucouturier and Elise Anderegg). Only beautiful things as you can see, as for example this sexy chemise from Guia la Bruna (pic. 1) and the gracious loungewear from Le Monde d’Alba (pic. 4).
PS: A page really friendly for these guys: The Lingerie Demystified. All the lingerie garments are explained, detailled and pictured especially for you !

Guia la Bruna Janet Reger
Sassy and Rose Nightwear Le Monde d'Alba Nightwear
Pictures: Guia la Bruna – Janet Reger / Sassy and Rose – Le Monde d’Alba

Mio Destino Lingerie

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