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    Janet Reger (finally) in summer !

    It was a little bit long to come but here it is: Janet Reger finally presents it summer 2009 collections! And the most patients will be rewarded: luxury and sensual nightwear, delicate nostalgic lingerie sets, falsely wise underwear; all is deliciously voluptuous. The more extravagant of our readers...

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    Janet Reger: new website and new collections

    At the occasion of the presentation of their new fall/winter 08 collections, Janet Reger launches a new website: very lovely and easier to browse than the old one, it presents also the (so) sexy Naughty Janet collections and the accessories lines of the brand: timepieces and (soon) handbags and eyew...

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    Spicy novelties at Naughty Janet

    Many new collections are online at Janet Reger and also on the website dedicated to their sexy lingerie ranges Naughty Janet. A lingerie which dress or undress depends on your feeling and which proposes indeed some really playful surprises (I let you the pleasure to discover what is hidden behind th...

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    Janet Reger: lingerie sales and new beachwear collection

    Janet Reger has launched her online sales on it corporate website and proposes 30% Off on all her lingerie (unfortunately except it charming and sexy tennis skirt and knickers..) And she’s launching in the same time it new Janet Reger Plage range, to discover here, which is just a few less sex...

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    Sexy Naughty Janet novelties

    The corporate website is not update yet, but the last collections of sexy lingerie from Naughty Janet (by Janet Reger) are already availables at Cazar. Here is a good news for (very) naughty lingerie lovers! Cazar Lingerie...

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    Janet Reger in sale

    Just a few words to tell you that many Janet Reger lingerie collections are in sale with 50% off at Koodos. Don’t wait, it will be sold quickly!...

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    New Collections from Janet Reger

    After few months offline Janet Reger is coming back with a new website, expanded by more detailed pictures, and it new collections always as fine and stylished. I particularly love the Amy nightdress (below on the left) and I feel that I will one more time do my coquette ! Janet Reger Lingerie: Info...

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    Sexy collections Naughty Janet

    Sure it seems like Valentine Day lingerie, but Christmas will coming soon… So for flashy decoration lovers, the new Naughty Janet collections are just arrived at Cazar ! Naughty Janet by Janet Reger lingerie presented at Cazar: Details Site...

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    Janet Reger in Sale

    Some Janet Reger lingerie sets are in sale with 50% off at Lingerie Confidential. A small choice but a marvellous silk ! Lingerie Confidential: Details Site...

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    For a More Sexy Tennis !

    No more difficulties to find a partner ! With Janet Reger be the more sexy of Roland Garros or Wimbledon ! With this mini-skirt and especially with this sweet knickers, you will shine on all tennis court ! So I go, I still have to find a nice prof’… Lingerie Janet reger: Details Site...

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    Janet Reger in sale

    Sales from this morning and for this week only on the end of the Janet Reger collection at Be Cheeky. Small choice but all is at half price and shipping is free. A very hot proposition! Be Cheeky: Details Site...

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