Did you said frou-frou ?

Amoralle - Cabaret 2015

I don’t know if you will agree, but this dress makes me think about the character of Cruella in the 101 dalmatians. A Cruella not interested by furs but in love with lace, silk and chiffon…
So yes, you can think it’s too much but in my opinion it’s precisely the accumulation of feathers and flounces which makes this outfit other the kitsch, raising it to the dimension of a cocktail dress to wear in the intimacy of your flat instead of for an evening to the opera.
Spectacular !

Amoralle - Cabaret 2015 Amoralle - Cabaret 2015
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Black Royal Feather Robe
from the Cabaret collection on Amoralle
And to come soon on Amoralle’s store, another little jewel presented on the Cabaret catwalk and which could be inspired by the the Little Red Riding Hood :
Amoralle - Cabaret 2015 Amoralle - Cabaret 2015
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