Christmas Lingerie 2014, II: a pleased man

Christmas Lingerie

Yes I know, it’s rare, very rare, that I present men’s underwear here. But have a looks on the websites and you will see that it’s rare, very rare, to find something which approaches the creativity of the feminine lingerie.
So here is the exception which confirms the rule: the collection Black Lace (and in the same spirit the collection Panther) designed by Gregg Homme and discovered on Planet Undies. Where the lace is re-invented to adorn men’s underwear without ribaldry but on the opposite with a touch of delicacy, playing with provocation without rudeness.
A success which, you can be sure, will make men happy!

Gregg Homme Black Lace
Gregg Homme Black Lace
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Gregg Homme Black Lace Collection available on Planet Undies
(15% OFF an all products today with the code 6300)

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