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Chantal Thomass
Picture © Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass has just re-designed her website and it’s a great success: lingerie is better presented (pictures are no more moving 😉 ), content is rich and browsing is (really) more fluent.
Designed with small cards which opens in pop-ups (and which could be shared by email or on a blog), the brand shows their collections: lingerie and hosiery but also umbrellas, perfume or stationary, and all the special collaborations of Chantal Thomass: furnitures, pens, candles or the famous washing-machine designed for Vedette (see also the excellent tutu and ballet slippers created for Repetto!)
A website which more than a simple presentation of collections proposes a real promenade in the universe of Chantal Thomass, very friendly to browse and on which I have only one doubt: the music which happily could be put off..!

Chantal Thomass lingerie Chantal Thomass hosiery
Chantal Thomass dessous sexy sexy lingerie
Pictures © Chantal Thomass

Lingerie and accessories Chantal Thomass
availables online in this lingerie webshops

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