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    Carine Gilson summer 2010

    Still no pictures of the collections worn by fashion models at Carine Gilson but we forgive her because her lingerie is so marvellous then it’s sufficient to make us dream… I let you below my favorite pieces but I invite you to discover that exceptionally delicate lingerie, and particula...

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    Luxury and Pleasure (Live)

    Short follow-up to my last post thanks to Carine Gilson team who has sent me that pictures from their Miami runway last february. I’m definitely charmed… Click on pictures to enlarge Lingerie Carine Gilson...

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    Luxury and Pleasure

    Wonderful Carine Gilson winter 2009 website grace delicacy magic desire luxury sensuality tenderness silk softness laces caress Lingerie Carine Gilson available online at: Faire Frou Frou, Catriona Mackechnie, Nancy Meyer and Net A Porter...

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    A coquetry designed by Carine Gilson

    I’m a new time irresistibly attracted by the Carine Gilson lingerie! She unfortunately no more present her collections on her website, and she’s quite hard to find on the lingerie stores, but she’s now available also at Catriona Mackechnie where you will find (if I didn’t bou...

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    Carine Gilson: a Princess of the "Dessous Chics"

    The Coquetries categorie never has been as well-named then with Carine Gilson ! It’s indeed a lingerie so precious, so sweet and so fiery that it becomes a carnal pleasure to wear this beautiful garments. Collections presented on the website are not new, but if you don’t know it I invite...

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