Back from the Salon de la Lingerie

Lingerie Petite Coquette au Salon de la Lingerie

A few words just back from the Salon de la Lingerie de Paris 2014 which was dominated by a tendancy for a more and more sexy lingerie!
It’s not a novelty for our readers because this trend is born through emergent designer’s brands 10 years ago but it’s now also the credo of international brands as Aubade, which walks on the steps of Agent Provocateur and which will launch next autumn a very sexy collection.
Many sexy collections, so, often gracious and sometimes less, particularly when the presentation is too stereotyped (between dark grey and light grey if you see what I mean..)
And among this beautiful lingerie the Petite Coquette collection, of course, which was my second reason to be there, and which has been marvellously welcomed, selected for the catwalk and in the visitor’s guide, perfect illustration of this lingerie close, so close, of the glamour and voluptuousness..
To wait until I upload the pictures of the runway, here is few names to retain: Jolies Mômes, Shell Belle, Odile de Changy, Paloma Casile, Andres Sarda

Lingerie Petite Coquette au Salon de la Lingerie
Picture SIL © Emmanuel Nguyen Ngoc Collectif – / Click to enlarge

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