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    [Preview] Amoralle in Wonderland

    Beautiful preview of the first pictures of the new Amoralle collection, called Alice in Wonderland and which indeed looks like a little heaven 😉 It’s a new festival of silks and chiffons, between games of transparency and naughty frou-frous. A real delight…! Sure that Winter will be w...

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    May first lightness

    What could be more light to celebrate the pretty month of May than a (so) thin chiffon nightdress to cover you with transparency ? I suggest the beautiful Esthetic nightdress designed by Amoralle and available in black or nude on Pleasurements. What else ? Nightdress Amoralle available on Pleasureme...

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    Christmas temptations on Amoralle

    There is beautiful things, and often at very affordable prices, among the Christmas selection of Amoralle which now proposes more and more lingerie sets beside its fantastical dresses and nightwear pieces. Starting with this garter belt draped of red silk and called Scarlet. An absolutely Christmas ...

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    The sun is shining and if there is two things pleasant to do on summer evenings, it's to wear light outfits and to eat ice creams. A delightful mix to find in the cruise collection Magnum created a few months ago and which is just arrived in the store of the luxurious loungewear bra...

  • Flash Sale

    The brand has just launched flash sale up to 70% on selected articles.
    On the menu many outfits from their "diffusion" range, more simple but always charming, and so many articles offered at very affordable prices (From 40€ to 90€ on average), and a few beauties ultra-sophisticated as the b...

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    Amoralle now available also on Pleasurements

    It's the occasion to re-discover the outfits, to see it worn in a way more "real" than on fashion pictures, and so to confirm that the Amoralle lingerie, on real life as well as on magazines, is sumptuous !...

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    Did you said frou-frou ?

    I don't know if you will agree, but this dress makes me think about the character of Cruella in the 101 dalmatians. A Cruella not interested by furs but in love with lace, silk and chiffon...
    So yes, you can think it's too much but in my opinion it's precisely the accumulation of feathers and ...

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    Incredible Sale on Amoralle

    The brand has just launched Special Sale on a selection of lingerie with prices reduced up to 80% !
    I must invite you to spoil yourself without waiting and to use and abuse of your freedom to spend your evenings (un)dressed with these delicious outfits...

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    Flash Sale not to miss on Amoralle !

    The brand launches four days of flash sale with this time a very very large choice of products: body's, interior dresses, lingerie, hosiery and accessories offered with prices reduced up to 80%.
    You will find many marvels spotted on petite Coquette...

  • More novelties at very affordable prices

    The brand continues step by step to unveil off collection novelties at very affordable prices (50 to 100€ in average). Lingerie but also skirts, tops, babydolls, accessories as fingerless gloves and lace scarfs, all on the edge between innerwear and outerwear, intimacy and ready to wear...

  • A few novelties

    Back to lingerie with a few novelties "off collection" just arrived : body's, loungewear, but also charming ready-to-wear...

  • Small big Sale

    Small because there is just a few products concerned (and among them the fabulous Divine Judy pictured below) but big if you look the prices reduced from 40% to 70%....

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    Amoralle Flash Sale

    The brand has just launched Flash Sale: the selection of body's, nightwear and hosiery is very limited but the prices are definitely sexy...

  • The new collection is here !

    And it's spectacular!
    A lingerie Haute-Couture which will makes you a Tinker Bell, a Cinderella in her ball dress or a Snow Princess.
    The brand dares all eccentricities, all sophistications and all exuberances for the best pleasure of all ultra-lingerie lovers...

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    A little summer dress

    If you're looking for an adorable little dress to be lightly covered on summer evenings, don't miss this ravishing creation; I let you click on the picture to discover...

  • A few products in sale

    The choice is really small but it's very rare to find their lingerie in sale so it's deserves to be mentioned...

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    Amoralle: don’t miss their stockings

    Of course, what's immediately catches the eyes, what's making me spend long moments dreaming on their website, it's their majestuous, voluptuous and languid loungewear.
    But don't forget that they have started with stockings, tights, leggings ans lace socks and they offer here also orginal, sens...

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    A jewel !

    I've already told you how much I like them and their new collection well called Jeweller confirms the irresistible attraction I feel for their lingerie...

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    Christmas Lingerie, II: Sockbox, absolutely

    Sockbox – Click to enlarge It’s certainly THE discovery of the year on Petite-Coquette: Sockbox and its fantastic, charming and sensuous garments. A sophistication and a glamour which make this lingerie an absolute ideal for festive evenings! Edit: Sockbox has been recalled Amoralle Sock...

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    I’m in love !

    Sockbox – Click to enlarge The discovery of Sockbox makes me crazy. It’s simple: I’d like to buy and wear all I can see! Lingerie, loungewear, stockings, tights and accessories, all is luxurious, sexy and surprising. And, as the world is perfect, all these marvels are available to ...

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