Agent Provocateur has invented the Kimono Body

Agent Provocateur Body

The Body is absolutely not my favourite lingerie piece. Excepted those from Amoralle, it’s rare I present it on Petite Coquette because even if they’re designed by famous creators they are rarely gracious.
So here is a new exception to add to the short list of charming body’s: Marylou designed Agent Provocateur firstly seems worn with a matched kimono but in fact the body and the kimono are one unique piece. Its loose sleeves and its belt make this body a real evening garments. After, it’s up to you to play with a feather duster or to prefer drink a cup of Champagne..!

Agent Provocateur Body Agent Provocateur Body Agent Provocateur Body
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Body Marylou, 555€ on Agent Provocateur

EDIT: if you need a walk for the week-end, just visit the Agent Provocateur Instragram page 🙂
Agent Provocateur Instragram Agent Provocateur Instragram
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