2010 Lingerie Year

L'année Lingerie 2010
As each year, here is our selection of the most beautiful, extravagant, surprising or sensual lingerie sets or brands presented on 2010 on petite-Coquette!
With a special mention and our congratulations
to the naughty French lingerie from Jupons de Tess
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Les Jupons de Tess
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One my favorite of the year
(I wear it almost everyday),
the Pleasure State kimono
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Pleasure State
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The Bridal range from Agent Provocateur
which gives a real desire to wed!
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Agent Provocateur
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Deconstructed pompoms, lacings and
ribbons from Bordelle
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Bordelle
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The playful and sexy
eccentricity of Kriss Soonik
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Kriss Soonik
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The nostalgic charm
of Shell Belle
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Shell Belle
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The ethereal grace
of Ell and Cee
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Ell and Cee
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The evident attraction
of Strumpet & Pink
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Strumpet & Pink
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The come-back under the sunlights
of I.D. Sarrieri
L'année Lingerie 2010 - I.D. Sarrieri
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And a wink to
Lise Charmel, sexier than ever!
L'année Lingerie 2010 - Lise Charmel
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