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    Vannina Vesperini is back ! (anyhow I hope!)

    If Vannina Vesperini has never disappeared of the lingerie world, her lingerie is still hard to find online and not well presented on the Internet. Her website is not yet an online shop and continue to present the collections with small snapshots but the pictures you can see below in large sizes unv...

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    Vannina Vesperini no more hidden

    Vannina Vesperini – Click to enlarge A title as a wink to her spring/summer photoshoot (below) to welcome her new website which indeed shows a litle bit more her lingerie than in the past, even if it’s still difficult to buy online these delights. Vannina Vesperini Spring-Summer 2012 ...

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    Vannina Vesperini lingerie catwalk, 2007/08 collections

    Vannina Vesperini present on it website it fall/winter 2007-08 lingerie collection with some pictures and especially with a long video of it Parisian catwalk. Where we can see that the designer didn’t lost nothing of it cheeky style, no more than it talent to mix ingenuous softness and torrid ...

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    Vannina Vesperini present (at last) it lingerie !

    The Vannina Vesperini‘s website is no more a poor single homepage with a contact link! She now present a part of it lingerie collections, in her so personal “innerwear as outerwear” style. It’s the occasion for those who don’t know her to discover it, and to see that on...

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    Vannina Vesperini at Faire Frou-Frou

    A few words about Vannina Vesperini, probably the most interesting french designer at the moment, who create an ambiguous lingerie, which almost could be worn like clothes if it wasn’t so sensuous. Too rare Vannina Vesperini, with an off-line official website, and which could be find today onl...

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