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Sexy Christmas ♥

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    Hot Christmas, Part II: to turn him’s back !

    It’s what is suggested by this charming Undressed nightdress (what a well named brand!) available at Intimi for 120 $, or also by this little skirt designed by Madame V, so simple at first view but which reserve some surprises (just click on the picture to know more!). A sexy garment available...

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    Warm Christmas, Part III: for your guys

    Some fine lingerie for these guys, with all the presents they offer to us, it’s only justice ! Personaly I really love all the Hom 3001 range, which make a nice marriage between a very smart side and a playful one (and sometimes a so naughty one !!!). A choice between soft and silky… ...

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    Warm Christmas, Part II: somethings to read

    To give a book for Christmas, it’s sometimes banal, but here is a little selection of presents which won’t let indifferent. Lingerie pictures provocatives, soft or fashion, or the sensible advises from the dessous chics specialist Rebecca Apsan, the boss of the New-York boutique La Petit...

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    Warm Christmas, Part I: a first present…

    The cold weather installed now in France remind us that Christmas approach and decide me to start a little series to suggest you some present as pleasant to offer as to receive… I will start with some ideas for those who may be will offer lingerie for the first time. You should stay wise, dear...

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