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  • crescentini-13-1-0

    Two new collections by Roberto Crescentini

    Two new lingerie ranges designed by Roberto Crescentini had just appeared online: one has been unveiled on the Cotton Club website but isn’t available online; the other is available to order online but unknown on the official website! To resume: A collection unknown on Cotton Club’s webs...

  • C

    Crescentini novelties available on Cazar

    The so sexy Crescentini little chemise is now available on Cazar, as the complete Sheraz collection. A few grams of lace muy caliente! Roberto Crescentini – Click to enlarge Collection R. Crescentini Sheraz available online on Cazar...

  • crescentini-sheraz-10

    Crescentini unveils its Winter 2012/13 collection

    Roberto Crescentini – Click to enlarge And I must confess that nothing is really surprising. Anyway there is as each season some beauties to pick up among this Sheraz collection which should be available at the end of summer, and particularly the (so) little chemise below which will be perfect...

  • cotton-club-crescentini-aw11-10

    The Autumn Winter 2011 collections

    The winter collections are now online and, exceptionally, this is not the sexy collection which is the Coquette favorite of the season but the Seta range.
    Seta is traditionally the luxury collection of the brand, made in pure silk and laces...

  • S

    Summer 2011 Crescentini Lingerie

    Cotton Club’s website already presents the Roberto Crescentini summer 2011 collection and it’s a beautiful surprise: less patently provocative than the current collection Institual, this one is in my opinion more exciting, more sensual and more attractive… This temptations will arr...

  • crescentini-kiss-1

    A Roberto Crescentini surprise

    Not announced, and nor more presented, on the Cotton Club website, a naughty surprise designed by Roberto Crescentini has just been revealed on the new in Cazar section. I’m not completely seduced but I must admit that lingerie should inspire a festive Christmas evening 😉 Click to enlarge N...

  • R

    Roberto Crescentini, part II

    Click to enlarge And this time it happens at Cazar (through a press notice; lingerie will be available on their website in a few days) with the second winter 09/10 Crescentini collection, called Temptation and indeed full of (very) little things really tempting 😉 Click to enlarge Temptation colle...

  • crescentini-101

    Seven temptations RCrescentini at Dessus Dessous

    Click to enlarge An absolutely naughty new collection designed by R Crescentini is just arrived at Dessus Dessous. Embroidered tulle, laces, ribbons and transparency: it starts to smell Christmas 😉 Click to enlarge And (finally, will say some lovers!) the Aubade 7 temptations casket, presented he...

  • T

    The surprising "Loop Me" collection by R. Crescentini

    Click on picture to enlarge A surprise indeed because Cotton Club usually reveals very early it collections (the Crescentini Winter 2009/2010 collection is already online!), and you can discover today a new range still unknown on the corporate website and already available at Cazar. So here is the L...

  • cottonclub-rc09-10

    Discover the next winter Crescentini collection !

    Never late, Cotton Club already presents the autumn/winter 2009 collection from Roberto Crescentini: we will have to be (very) patient to find it in store but I can’t resist to invite you to discover it immediatly! The sexy-chic range from Cotton Club is indeed always interesting and if that c...

  • cotton-club-rc08-1

    After RC Private, RC Supreme !

    We remember that the first collection designed by Roberto Crescentini was really appreciated by the luxe lingerie world as by Petite Coquette readers. So it's a pleasure today to invite you to discover his new collection RC Supreme...

  • N

    Novelties RCrescentini already at Cazar

    Click on picture to see larger Cazar continue it previews: after revealing the Aubade novelties, they now present (and provide!) the new collections designed by RCrescentini for Cotton Club which are not yet online on the corporate website of the Italian brand. A very sexy-chic lingerie, in the same...


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