Ritratti lingerie always as attractive…

Ritratti lingerie
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…and always as untraceable 🙁
It seems indeed that Ritratti is one the few last dinosaurs who refuses to sell online… Why? When wee see the quality ofered by some online stores, and more when we see some luxurious and prestigious brands which sells themselves their collections, we think that the old time when online distribution was considered as negative for a brand is so far now.. So we will ask them the question (and try to make them change their point of view 😉 ) on the next Salon de la Lingerie de Paris
Waiting for that, I let you admire this pics of their new summer collection, as usual marvellous, to discover on Ritratti’s website or through the PDF catalog: lingerie or beachwear.

Ritratti nightwear

Ritratti beachwear
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New collections from Ritratti
(Maybe) availables soon in this online lingerie boutiques
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