Friday 20 December 2013

The 2013 Lingerie Year !

As each year, here is our intimate selection of the 10 most beautiful pieces, brands or lingerie events of the year!
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Starting with a special dedicace to the come-back of La Perla Black Label which has warmed my heart!
2013 Lingerie Year La Perla

We continue with, of course, Les Jupons de Tess: I so much love their lingerie then I cannot choose between their summer and their winter collections..!
2013 Lingerie Year Les Jupons de Tess 2013 Lingerie Year Les Jupons de Tess

In the category "Cocktail Dress", the delicious decadence of Amoralle
2013 Lingerie Year Amoralle

In the category "It's too hot" I have really really loved the fishnet collection from Kriss Soonik
2013 Lingerie Year Kriss Soonik

In the serie "A little sweetness", back to the creations of Minuit Douze, brand which is suspended at the moment but which should be back soon.
2013 Lingerie Year Minuit Douze

On the beach of course with Pain de Sucre
2013 Lingerie Year Pain de Sucre

Among young designers and new brands, I particularly like the first collection from Pretty Wild
2013 Lingerie Year Pretty Wild

In the category "Eccentricity", discover the Latex lingerie maybe inspired by Chantal Thomass on Très Bonjour
2013 Lingerie Year Très Bonjour

Back to charm and tradition with the sumptuous and contemplative Parah collection beautifully pictured
2013 Lingerie Year Parah

And, last but not least, in the category Agent Provocateur a classic we really like, Jena, now available in blazing red!
2013 Lingerie Year Agent Provocateur

And about 2014, be sure it will be absolutely Coquette!
2013 Lingerie Year Les Jupons de Tess by Petite Coquette
Les Jupons de Tess by Petite Coquette - Click to enlarge

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Soon (2): Les Jupons de Tess by Petite Coquette

Part 2 of our teaser with the official announcement of a glamorous partnership: soon, really soon, will be unveiled the first lingerie collection designed by Petite Coquette for Les Jupons de Tess!
A collection delightful, voluptuous, incredibly sensuous and absolutely magic!
To follow...

Les Jupons de Tess by Petite Coquette
Les Jupons de Tess by Petite Coquette

Sunday 15 December 2013

Christmas Lingerie, XII: Myla's beauties

Myla - Click to enlarge

If the pictures of the Myla's website leave me perplexed, a close look on their lingerie is a real pleasure.
So, here is a small selection of my favourite pieces of the winter 2013 collection, perfect to wear or to offer on Christmas!

Myla Myla Myla
© Myla - Click to enlarge

Lingerie Myla

Saturday 14 December 2013

Amoralle has launched a Special Christmas collection at small prices

Amoralle has just unveiled a Special Christmas collection with five nightwear or lingerie sets offered at prices from 50€ to 99€!
I particularly love the mini (mini) nightdress below ;-)
Available (with free shipping worldwide) on the Amoralle webstore.

Amoralle Amoralle Amoralle Amoralle
Amoralle - Click to view the gallery

Christmas collection Amoralle

Thursday 12 December 2013

Pleasurements opens its (real) shop !

Dutch friends and traveller friends who'll spend a few days in Amsterdam, don't miss to visit the new boudoir of Pleasurements which extends its online presence through a beautiful shop in center town !
A luxuous shop as a jewel case for its majestuous lingerie which can also be visited in Private Shopping by appointment around a glass of fine wine for more intimacy.
It gives me a desire of an holiday trip ;-)

Pleasurements Pleasurements Pleasurements Pleasurements Pleasurements
Pleasurements - Click to view the gallery

The House of Pleasurements, Herenstraat 29, 1015 BZ Amsterdam
and of course still online on

© Photographer: Gaby Fling / Model: Joyce Noord / Lingerie: Bordelle by Pleasurements

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Christmas Lingerie, XI: A beautiful replacement

Because I wear my beautiful Pleasure State kimono smooth since 2010, it was a real pleasure to discover on Honeys their new creation from the Winter 2013 collection!
A beauty, a marvel to wear, to find among many other Christmas gifts ideas on Honeys Lingerie Boutique.

Pleasure State
Pleasure State Pleasure State Pleasure State
Pleasure State
Click to view the gallery

Pleasure State robe on Honeys

Monday 9 December 2013

Zéro shades of lingerie

Or why won't I talk about the 50 shades of grey lingerie range which makes the buzz since a few days.
For the more curious it's just there but beautiful lingerie lovers should just stay here...

Christmas Lingerie, X: A dream

A dream because not in my budget at the moment, but I'm not get tired of watching it.
What a beauty!

Agent Provocateur
Erikka Dress by Agent Provocateur
Click to view more pictures

Erikka Dress, 955€ on Agent Provocateur

Thursday 5 December 2013

La Perla: 150 € to win + the comeback of the Outlet section

Petite Coquette La Perla

Two good news today on La perla: in my left hand the comeback of their Outlet section which offers permanent sale on past collections and is a perfect place to shop luxury lingerie for affordable prices, and on my right hand a special gift for you, dear Petite-Coquette readers!

La Perla has indeed kindly ask us to offer a 150€ gift voucher to spend on their eshop.
To participate, I invite you to browse the Petite-Coquette archives about La Perla (without missing the pages dedicated to their La Perla Black Label range) and to choose the lingerie piece the more emblematic of the Italian brand posted here since 2006.
When it's done, go on the dedicated post on our Facebook page (don't forget to like it if you like it ;-) ) and leave a comment with the link or title or description of the selected picture.
The first who guesses my selection wins its Christmas shopping!

Petite Coquette La Perla

The giveaway on the Petite Coquette Facebook page
The website of La Perla

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Crazy Christmas !

Aubade Crazy Collection
Aubade Crazy Collection - Click to enlarge

Finally, the so awaited Aubade Crazy Collection is available!
To order now (if you want to have the time to create a little dance ;-) ) on Glamuse or on Dessus Dessous!

Aubade Crazy Collection Aubade Crazy Collection
Aubade Crazy Collection - Click to enlarge

Aubade Crazy Collection (finally) available on Glamuse and Dessus Dessous

Chantal Thomass lingerie

La perla lingerie



1001 Dessous

agent provocateur