Thursday 29 May 2014

A preview which will makes you yearn for the winter

Preview KrissSoonik Winter 2014

Pompoms, lace, fishnet, cotton... I've just one word to say about these first pictures of the Kriss Soonik's winter 2014 collection: meow!
It's cocoon and sexy, warm and undressed, comfortable and arousing, irresistibly tempting. A success!
I unveil today just a few pieces but many more beauties will complete this collection about which I'll talk again after the summer when it will be available in stores.

Preview KrissSoonik Winter 2014 Preview KrissSoonik Winter 2014
Preview KrissSoonik Winter 2014 Preview KrissSoonik Winter 2014
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Collection Winter 2014/15 by Kriss Soonik

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Spring Sale on Violet's Knickers

Violet's Knickers

Violet's Knickers has just launched special Spring Sale on a selection of lingerie pieces more tempting the one than the others!
You will find articles from many coquette brands as Céline Pinckers, Fleur of England, Kriss Soonik, Fred & Ginger, Zinke, Made by Niki, Damaris, Maison Close and a few others.
The choice is limited but the lingerie is beautiful and sometimes offered with 70% off, so I must invite you to quickly browse it!

Kriss Soonik Sale Damaris Sale Zinke Sale
Kriss Soonik - Damaris - Zinke / Click to enlarge

The Spring Sale on Violet's Knickers

Friday 23 May 2014

Agent Provocateur has invented the Kimono Body

Agent Provocateur Body

The Body is absolutely not my favourite lingerie piece. Excepted those from Amoralle, it's rare I present it on Petite Coquette because even if they're designed by famous creators they are rarely gracious.
So here is a new exception to add to the short list of charming body's: Marylou designed Agent Provocateur firstly seems worn with a matched kimono but in fact the body and the kimono are one unique piece. Its loose sleeves and its belt make this body a real evening garments. After, it's up to you to play with a feather duster or to prefer drink a cup of Champagne..!

Agent Provocateur Body Agent Provocateur Body Agent Provocateur Body
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Body Marylou, 555€ on Agent Provocateur

EDIT: if you need a walk for the week-end, just visit the Agent Provocateur Instragram page :-)

Agent Provocateur Instragram Agent Provocateur Instragram
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Wednesday 21 May 2014

La Perla again: festival of temptations

La Perla

The summer 2014 La Perla collection continues to unveil majestuous pieces!
To not miss among the novelties the Bustier French Knickers, ravishing of lightness, available in black or white.
♥ ♥ ♥

La Perla SS14
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The short, close of a tennis short but in pure silk. A sweetness also available in black and white:

La Perla SS14
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The sophisticated Top Bustier, which marvelously mixes the silk and the laces:

La Perla SS14
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And the trousers, which will perfectly fits with the essential shawl presented two weeks ago!
♥ ♥ ♥

La Perla SS14
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Lingerie La Perla available on their eshop

Monday 19 May 2014

Lascivious launches a lingerie design competition

If you feel creative and are a Petite-Coquette follower, this news is for you: Lascivious launches a lingerie design competition for a mini-collection which will be produced for the Winter 2015.
You will have to design 4 to 6 models, including a bra, to choose the fabrics (not the colors, it must be black) and to send it before the 25th July to Lascivious which will offer to the winner a £250 prize and the honnor to be included in the next winter collection!
Back to your pencil !


Lascivious lingerie design competition:
-> Some infos on their website
-> The complete Brief of the project

Saturday 17 May 2014

Beautiful Cadolle novelties on Pleasurements

Cadolle is a paradoxical brand: very innovative in its creations but definitely old school for its communication and distribution; their lingerie is almost missing on the Internet and their website has not been updated since its creation in 2012.

Fortunately, Pleasurements is an exception and offers a selection of the Cadolle collections. They definitely become one of the most Avant-Garde and essential lingerie shop on the Internet.
If the Rachel brief stays a masterpiece, some very tempting novelties are just arrived as the Couture Body Zip and the Mousseline top and its Corset Skirt, pictured below, which marvelously illustrate the power of seduction of this French brand which exists since the 19th century!

Cadolle Cadolle Cadolle Cadolle Cadolle Cadolle Cadolle Cadolle
Cadolle - Click to enlarge

Luxury lingerie Cadolle available on Pleasurements

Wednesday 14 May 2014

A masterpiece + a gift on Kriss Soonik

Kriss Soonik Logo

Focus today on one of the more successful pieces of the Spring 2014 lingerie collections; the irresistible suspender-top Kristel Polo T-Shirt designed by Kriss Soonik. In the same time lingerie piece and outerwear garment (see below the lingerie pictures and on Kriss Soonik's blog the top worn in the streets), it perfectly represent the art of dessus/dessous and it admirably mixes humour and seduction.

A collector top to buy before it becomes sold-out, because the weather is nice, because you're in love, and also a little bit because Kriss Soonik loves you, dear readers, and offers you 30% OFF on all her online store! (Code coquette valid until sunday evening!)

Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-Shirt
Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-Shirt Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-Shirt Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-Shirt Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-Shirt Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-Shirt Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-Shirt
Kriss Soonik - Click to enlarge

30% OFF on the Kriss Soonik online store
thanks to the code coquette valid until sunday 18th May.

Friday 9 May 2014

Romy & Tango: two beautiful collections finally available !

Two of the most beautiful lingerie collections of Spring 2014, designed by our friends from Les Jupons de Tess, are finally available online!
I'm torn between the Leavers lace of Romy and the delicate plumetis of Tango, also available in black, which is a collection signed LJT and offered at very affordable prices.
Delicious temptations to wear from spring to Indian summer!

Les Jupons de Tess Summer 2014 Les Jupons de Tess Summer 2014
Les Jupons de Tess Summer 2014 Les Jupons de Tess Summer 2014 Les Jupons de Tess Summer 2014 Les Jupons de Tess Summer 2014 Les Jupons de Tess Summer 2014
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Collections Romy & Tango Les Jupons de Tess
Romy: Top (about 190€) and Skirt (about 170€)
Tango by LJT: Top (about 80€), Skirt (about 80€) and Shorty Knickers (about 45€)
available online on Cazar and Dessus Dessous

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Useless so essential: the La Perla shawl

La Perla

It's definitely the kind of pieces I like, the perfect accessory to feel dressed even if you're not, the essential additional garments to each lingerie wardrobe: to find among the La Perla novelties, this shawl which hides nothing but quite the opposite catches the eyes will certainly be selected among the Petite-Coquette Awards of the year!

Shawl La Perla Shawl La Perla
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Lingerie Shawl La Perla

Monday 5 May 2014

The monday video: Lost in Wonderland

Lost in Wonderland video

Lost in Wonderland has just released its first fashion film which nicely shows the masterpieces of their collections, to re-discover with delight!

Lingerie Lost in Wonderland

Video Credits:
Legendary Film - / JayJay Models -
Make Up Artist: Cindy König - Ci Keys / Nhow Berlin -

Chantal Thomass lingerie

La perla lingerie



Lily Blossom

Oiseaux de Nuit

agent provocateur

lingerie collection by petite coquette