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    Minuit Douze on the seaside

    Minuit Douze – Click to enlarge I’ve already told you how I like the charming loungewear from Minuit Douze, but sunnt days are coming and it’s time to have a look on their swimsuits: designed as their lingerie, they’re a mix between a retro romantism and a touch of sophistica...

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    The Minuit Douze Capri collection now available

    Minuit Douze – Click to enlarge The delicious Capri collection by Minuit Douze, unveiled in july on Petite Coquette is now available online on Lemon Curve. A delicate and romantic lingerie, as sweet as a spring flower, to discover via a sunny video on Minuit Douze – Clic...

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    [More] Beauties to come: Minuit Douze

    Minuit Douze – Click to enlarge Another new brand today with Minuit Douze: a lingerie, loungewear & swimwear brand from Monte Carlo. I let you discover their fall/winter 2012 collection on their website but I can’t resist to show you below some delights from their summer 2013 collec...

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