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    L’agent by AP Spring / Summer 2015

    The summer L’agent by AP collection has been unveiled and I must admit that it really deserves to be discovered : richer, more varied, less “easy” than the past one’s, it proposes many very seductive lingerie sets. The fabrics are embellished, the shapes, still inspired by th...

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    L’Agent by AP winter 2014: a collection rather interesting

    Pictures from Instagram account of L’agent by AP Even if I was not fan of the Pénélope Cruz video, and if I must confess that I’m no more seduced by the photoshoot in a fitness center, the lingerie L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Autumn / Winter 2014 is despite everything interestin...

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    The video of the summer

    I must confess I have some difficulties to understand why, but the video of the Winter 2014 L’Agent by AP collection, directed by Penelope Cruz, creates a so big buzz than I cannot not show it to you: If AP had asked my opinion, of course they didn’t 😉 , I would advise them to work wi...

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    L’agent by Agent Provocateur summer 2014

    Here is the summer collection L’Agent by AP designed by Penelope & Monica Cruz for Agent Provocateur which, at the opposite of it’s Soiree collection, proposes here a lingerie at very affordable prices. Even if a little bit less eccentric, the lingerie L’Agent by AP is very cl...

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    The Video of the Week-End

    Launching of L’agent by Agent Provocateur, diffusion line designed by Penélope and Monica Cruz. A Penélope Cruz movie. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur...

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