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  • A Flash Sale week-end

    An unmissable occasion for all luxury lingerie lovers to spoil themselves with garments designed by the more famous sexy lingerie brand at affordable prices.
    Spring will be hot!...

  • The Summer 2014 Collection !

    A new collection, rich, varied and sophisticated as usual, with very well inspired experimental pieces!
    The photoshoot and its "housework" theme will probably incur the wrath of feminists but, and maybe is it due precisely from this passion for cooking and delights, note that the models have mo...

  • #

    #APDOLLS : excellent !

    DIY work today with AP !
    Their new game is excellent (even if it will takes more time than to like a facebook page): you upload & print their paper dolls pages and then you create and (lightly ;-) ) dress the pin-up with your favourite lingerie, you take nice pictures and you post it...

  • AP new Classics (again) !

    18 months after the first new shooting of the permanent Classics collection, AP offers us a new lookbook and invite you to (re)discover these lingerie sets so much successful that they will never go out of fashion...

  • Naughty novelties

    As usual, AP continues to launch new models after the official launching of the collection, and the last ones are so spicy!
    As an invitation to play with ribbons, strings and buttons, this lingerie is more dedicated to unveil than to cover up...

  • AP launches Flash Sale

    It's the nice surprise of the day: the brand has just launched Flash Sale (3 days only) on many ranges from the summer collections.
    Don't wait because there is no many sizes available for each product...

  • The new collection is launched !

    Just two days after the presentation of the Penélope Cruz movie, the brand has unveiled its Fall/Winter 2013 collection!
    A collection rich of many incredibly sophisticated lingerie pieces which presents many (many) novelties and some masterpieces in new colors, as the irresistible

  • Already some novelties

    Summer sale are more interesting than ever (less choice but prices reduced up to 75%!) and will end in 3 days but the brand already launches some novelties, which start the winter collections but are definitely summery!...

  • J

    James Bond Girls

    There are the nasty and the kind, both temptress, provocative and probably very dangerous: the two Agent Provocateur novelties immediately reminds the fanciful James Bond Girls! I’m tempted to play the malicious 😉 Agent Provocateur – Click to enlarge Novelties Agent Provocateur...

  • A

    Agent Provocateur Flash Sale !!!

    Agent Provocateur is launching its spring flash sale: 3 days of reductions on a selection of lingerie, nightwear and accessories. Don’t miss the sale on the luxury Soiree collection where the reductions are up to 75%! Enjoy! Agent Provocateur...

  • P

    Pin Up are back on Agent Provocateur !

    Agent Provocateur – Click to enlarge Good news to warm this snowing month of january: after the fuzzy pictures last spring and the ghotic one’s this autumn, Agent Provocateur is back for their new Spring/Summer 2013 collection with a delicious Pin Up imagery! A new lingerie collection wi...

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    The (hidden) Summer Sale on Agent Provocateur !!!

    The Sales are launched on Agent Provocateur! Summer Sale hidden at this time, only on invitation, but Petite-Coquette is crafty and generous and give you the way, so simple, to have an access: visit the Agent Provocateur homepage, enter “sale” in the search box and enjoy the half price s...

  • A

    Agent Provocateur "new" Classics

    Agent Provocateur offers a new life to its permanent collection, selection of the must-have pieces of the last few years, and has just published a new shooting of these Classics which makes them, how to say? more than tempting 😉 Agent Provocateur Classics – Click to enlarge Lingerie Agent P...

  • C


    Agent provocateur – Click to enlarge It’s the sweet invitation of Agent Provocateur through its new range Bubbles which is an invitation to put the heating on on Valentine’s Day! Agent provocateur – Click to enlarge Collection Bubbles on Agent Provocateur P.S: and a bonus wit...

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    The etheral spring of Agent Provocateur

    Agent provocateur – Click to enlarge This is the pictures which are etheral; the new lingerie pieces of Agent Provocateur are rather muy caliente and come with dangerously naughty bikini’s 😉 The sales haven’t disappeared yet but the first set of the spring collection already arr...

  • S

    Sexy Christmas, IV: Agent Provocateur, of course!

    Unmissable Agent Provocateur in this gifts season: first for their lingerie, of course, which will heat up the atmosphere no matter of the outside coldness! But also for their accessories, stockings, mules, jewels, scented beauty products. More or less all products offered on their website look like...

  • M

    More novelties on Agent Provocateur

    Agent Provocateur – Click to discover Agent Provocateur continues to expand it winter lingerie collection and among the novelties I choose today the pyjama jacket above (click on the picture to see it), falsely naive and really see-through, and the Eugenie set (below in the middle), all in sil...

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    The pearl "Emenuell" on Agent provocateur

    A few grams of silk, holes everywhere and light laces on it… The new born from the Agent Provocateur winter collection, called Emenuell, is a real jewel of lingerie which will make you feel like a pearl in its setting! Agent Provocateur – Click to enlarge Emenuell lingerie set on Agent P...

  • A

    Agent Provocateur has launched its winter collection!

    Agent Provocateur – Click to enlarge Sorry, I’m late, I was on the beach last week when Agent Provocateur has launched its new collection 😉 These new creations are as original as seductive. From the black jumpsuit to silky corsets passing through the chiffon frous-frous of the lingeri...

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    Agent Provocateur Sale !

    It’s a little bit hidden but Summer Sale are launched on Agent Provocateur! If you don’t see it, just subscribe to the Club AP and you will access to the sexiest sale of the year 😉 Sale (for Club AP members) on Agent Provocateur...

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    A spring touch on Agent Provocateur

    Click to enlarge Agent Provocateur reveals almost each week new collections and the last one, called Laurie, has the lightness of wild flowers and the vintage sensuality of the 50’S. A pure delight…! Click to enlarge Spring/Summer 2011 lingerie on Agent Provocateur...

  • S

    Summer is arriving on Agent Provocateur

    Winter sales are now closed on Agent Provocateur and the summer new collection is revealed day after day. I’ve spotted four temptations particularly delightful, which will all be availables in the next few days, just in time for Valentine’s Day 😉 The complete collection is online on A...

  • C

    Christmas Lingerie, 4: Alina by Agent Provocateur

    Click to enlarge Yes, almost all products from Agent Provocateur can be offered for Christmas, but the last set of the season (added last week) has an irresistible festive touch 😉 The naughty Alina is highly recommended to the more showgirls of our readers, and the Gangster range proposes a very ...

  • T

    The pretty Agent Provocateur legs

    Surprisingly, the Agent provocateur hosiery collection is globally classical (with or without seam, opaque or fishnet..) but a few eccentricities deserve to be presented and to invite you to have a closer look on it! From the soft (and sexy) knitted socks to the fetichist latex stockings passing thr...

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