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The new website of Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel 2013
Lise Charmel - Click to enlarge

Lise Charmel has just (finally!) re-designed its website to create pages as pretty as their lingerie which nicely present the collections.
A first step which will be soon continued with dedicated websites for the other brands of the Lise Charmel group: Antigel, Antinea, Eprise and Epure.
Without surprise for a French brand, no online store is planned so we will continue to make our shopping on Cazar and Dessus Dessous.

Lise Charmel 2013 Lise Charmel 2013 Lise Charmel 2013
Lise Charmel - Click to enlarge

Lingerie Lise Charmel available on Cazar and on Dessus Dessous.

Summer lingerie: a few, more, and more again!

Many many updates in the past few days on lingerie brands and lingerie boutiques websites. It smells spring and it's full of beautiful things!
Here is a little round-up of discoveries made during my virtual ramble...

Argentovivo will, that's sure, proposes a new time beautiful lingerie but their new website just presents a few models. We will have to wait for collections to arrive in webshops to really discover it...
Argentovivo website
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The Guia la Bruna website is still in winter but as usual she was really friendly and send us some pictures!
Guia la Bruna website
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Guia la Bruna Guia la Bruna
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Jolidon presents many new collections (and will launch soon the dedicated website of their new brand called Prelude). Note somme pieces are already availables online at Be Cheeky.
Jolidon website
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jolidon jolidon
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Lejaby presents some novelties but as with Argentovivo, we will have to wait seeing it in boutiques to discover the complete ranges...
Lejaby website
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The Lise Charmel website (as the one's from Antigel, Eprise by Lise Charmel and Antinéa) has been updated with many collections (as usual very nicely pictured) in which I have selected this retro chemise and that so sexy-chic lingerie sets...
Lise Charmel website
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Lise Charmel
Lise Charmel
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Charming novelties also at Mimi Holliday but we're impatient to discover the new Damaris collections!
Mimi Hollidayv
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Mimi Holliday Mimi Holliday

New collections (including this very Agent Provocateur set) at Nuits de Satin with a new catalog presentation. When will they launch an online shop?
Nuits de Satin website
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Nuits de Satin

Summer lingerie also at Parah with some beautiful models but a collection in general a little bit classical...
Parah website
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Some beautiful things from Shan swimwear, even if here also a come-back to more classic cups seems to be operated. Some swimsuits are however absolutely gorgeous!
Shan website
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And, last but not least, a very sexy nightwear collection from Verde Veronica. It's not because in spring the nights are short than we don't have to make us Coquette!
Verde Veronica website
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Verde Veronica Verde Veronica
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Warm Christmas, Part V: some Charm(el) and some Antigel !

Lise Charmel

Two superb collections from Lise Charmel are just arrived at Cazar and it confirm that the brand, without lost it eternal touch of class, proposes a lingerie more and more sophisticated. Up to the names of the collections, Nuit Glamour and Jardin d'Eden, which rings like promises of an intimate and delicate Christmas !

Lise Charmel Lise Charmel Nightwear

See also, always at Cazar and always manufactured by Lise Charmel, but under the brand Antigel: a sweet and glamour lingerie, less expensive but as so sexy !

Antigel Antigel Lingerie Antigel Nightwear

Cazar Lingerie: Info Site

New models from Antigel and Lise Charmel

Antigel Lingerie

Some sweet little garments to cover up in this early autumn are presented at Cazar: for small prices this beautiful collection from Antigel lingerie, and a little more expensive but so classy the Lise Charmel lingerie. Otherwise Cazar proposes now some lingerie models from Undressed by Marlies Dekkers but their choices are surprising because we don't find here the more interesting collections from this brand. For the latecomer, just note that the sales section is still open !

Antigel Lingerie Antigel Lingerie
Lise Charmel Lingerie Lise Charmel Lingerie
Pictures: Antigel / Lise Charmel

Cazar Lingerie: Details Site

Beachwear in Sale at Cazar

Waiting for the lingerie, Cazar launch it sales with it beachwear range: swimwear first but also cover-ups and beach dresses very attractive, all with 50% off ! On the menu many brands like Cotton Club, Parah, Verdemare, Verdissima, Aubade, Lise Charmel, Princesse Tam-Tam, Antigel, the Petite Coquette favorite Pain de Sucre, and for those who likes very small bikini's Lola Luna !

Pain de Sucre Soldes Sales Verdissima Soldes Sales
Cotton Club Soldes Sales Princesse Tam tam Soldes Sales
Pictures: Pain de Sucre - Verdissima / Cotton Club - Princesse Tam tam

Cazar Lingerie: Details Site

Sales at Corsets Lingerie

Sales are already starts at Corsets Lingerie, with offers from 30% to 50% off depends of the collections. Many sweet little things in the shop, above all some "Undressed by Marlies Dekkers" sets which we were wrong to refuse to ourselves !

undressed marlies dekkers lingerie antigel lingerie

pictures: Undressed by Marlies Dekkers - Antigel

Corsets Lingerie: Details Site

Antigel Bathing Suit at Cazar

The new collection of Antigel Swimwear is presented at Cazar and there is no mistake: this bathing suits will certainly warm up the atmosphere !

antigel lingerie antigel lingerie antigel lingerie

Cazar Lingerie: Details Site

Chantal Thomass lingerie

La perla lingerie



Lily Blossom

Fleur of England

Oiseaux de Nuit

agent provocateur

lingerie collection by petite coquette