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Sarrieri SS15 : and now, the beachwear !

ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection

After the marvels of the lingerie collection (presented here), our eyes are a new time dazzled by the launching of the ID Sarrieri beachwear collection!
I particularly love the incredible collection Abracadabra, created last year by Sarrieri (view our post : It's magic !) and which is back with new models and new colors to play the charming illusionists. A delight !
But many other creations accompany with this masterpieces, and some absolutely Couture, which make the Sarrieri 2015 beachwear collection one of the most impressive we had the pleasure to present.
Sure that the beaches will be under the charm ;-)

ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection
ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection
ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection
ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection ID Sarrieri - Beachwear 2015 Collection

ID Sarrieri Beachwear SS15 Collection
available now on

Mid-Season sale on Petits Bisous

It's probably the best place to shop this week-end : Petits Bisous has launched its mid-season sale and offers additional 20% Off on sale lingerie thanks to the code EXTRA20.
On the menu many seductive brands, as for example Chantal Thomass, ID Sarrieri, Shell Belle Couture, Madame Aime, Marjolaine, Fleur of England, Ritratti, with reductions up to 70% (+20%) which make this temptations even more sexy !

Madame Aime - Collection Luxembourg
© Madame Aime - Click to enlarge

The mid-season sale on Petits Bisous

Preview ID Sarrieri summer 2015 : fantasmatic !

Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection

Open your eyes but put on your sunglasses : Id Sarrieri proposes us this season again a blazing and dazzling collection (which should be in store in a few days) with Couture outfits absolutely sumptuous, even if some of them are of course impossible to wear outside of your boudoir.
It's a pleasure to see how Sarrieri creates innovative and incredibly sophisticated outfits without losing the charm and the sensuality of its lingerie. We are carried away between a futuristic world and the Hollywood glamour of the 60's, dressed up as if we were on the screen, and this inspires fantastic feelings !
A showtime lingerie for an exceptional season !

Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection
Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection
Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection
Lingerie ID Sarrieri - Spring / Summer 2015 Collection
Click to enlarge

ID Sarrieri Lingerie Collection Spring / Summer 2015
available soon on

The 2014 Lingerie Year

The 2014 Lingerie Year by Petite Coquette

As usual before Christmas, here is The 2014 Petite-Coquette Lingerie Year : the ten outfits, brands, designers or lingerie collections the more creatives, surprising or seductive of the past 12 months.
And the winners are…:

In the category "Out of competition", of course, and Im sure you will understand me, the collection I have designed is my favourite !

♥ by Petite Coquette

The 2014 Lingerie Year Petite Coquette

In the category "Soft as silk, warm as velvet and see-through as tulle" I'm definitely felt in love with the collection Estefania by Myla.

♥ Myla

The 2014 Lingerie Year Myla

In the category "Underwear as outerwear" the excellent Kriss Soonik and its so charming tennis polo.

♥ Kriss Soonik

The 2014 Lingerie Year Kriss Soonik

In the category "Sophisticated boudoir" the english brand Tatu Couture for all their collection and particularly for their Sylvia bra and Josephine collar.

♥ Tatu Couture

The 2014 Lingerie Year Tatu Couture

In the category "Agent Provocateur" ;-) without hesitation the brand new Evalyne.

♥ Agent Provocateur

The 2014 Lingerie Year Agent Provocateur

In the category "New Brand" I'd like to congratulate Edge O’Beyond which marvellously mixes its shiny accessories to the softness of the lace.

♥ Edge O’Beyond

The 2014 Lingerie Year Edge O’Beyond

In the category "Absolute Glamour" the sumptuous collections from Les Jupons de Tess.

♥ Les Jupons de Tess

The 2014 Lingerie Year Les Jupons de Tess

In the category "RIP" the brand Valisère which presents unfortunately its last collection.

♥ Valisère

The 2014 Lingerie Year Valisère

In the category "On the beach" the absolutely magical Sarrieri collection.

♥ Sarrieri

The 2014 Lingerie Year Sarrieri

And to conclude in the category "40 years of career and she still arrives to surprise us" the unique and so talentuous Chantal Thomass, and particularly her beautiful collection Coup de Foudre.

♥ Chantal Thomass

The 2014 Lingerie Year Chantal Thomass

I.D. Sarrieri: a winter 2014 Haute Couture and inspired by the 50's

Sarrieri Lingerie Fall / Winter 2014

Absolutely Couture. It's usual with I.D. Sarrieri creations but this new collection offers incredibly sophisticated outfits, which are beyond the lingerie universe and would have deserved to be seen during the Paris Fashion Week which has just ended.
A lingerie inspired by 50's silhouettes but completely re-invented, enhanced by garter games which give it a futuristic look and in the same time make it deliciously sensual.
Exceptional pieces available on Sarrieri's eshop.

Sarrieri Lingerie Fall / Winter 2014
Sarrieri Lingerie Fall / Winter 2014 Sarrieri Lingerie Fall / Winter 2014 Sarrieri Lingerie Fall / Winter 2014 Sarrieri Lingerie Fall / Winter 2014 Sarrieri Lingerie Fall / Winter 2014 Sarrieri Lingerie Fall / Winter 2014
Click to enlarge

Collection Lingerie ID Sarrieri Winter 2014 available to order on

[Sale] 50% off on all Sarrieri summer collections

Sale Lingerie Sarrieri summer 2014

Summer sale are also launched on Sarrieri's webshop which offers 50% OFF on all spring/summer 2014 lingerie collections, including the luxurious beauties of the collection Couture!
From the sophisticated body's which remind Madonna when she was dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier to the essentiel kimono 100% see-through, the temptations are definitely spicy ;-)

Sale Lingerie Sarrieri summer 2014

Lingerie Summer Sale on I.D. Sarrieri

The Cazar summer sale !

As usual Cazar launches its summer sale a few days after everybody, but it would be a mistake to miss it!
Most of the beauties I've spotted in the last six months are now in sale, from the lingerie collections of les Jupons de Tess to the delicious Pepita bikinis, from the sumptuous loungewear from Shell Belle to exceptional pieces from Sarrieri, and of course from Aubade to Lise charmel passing through the provocations of Millesia...
Summer sale full of delights!


Summer sale 2014 on Cazar

It's magic !

Collection Abracadabra by I.D Sarrieri

Here is the well called Abracadabra: a swimwear collection designed by ID Sarrieri which plays with a perfect illusion of transparency to suggest that parts of the swimsuits are separated and are holding together thanks to a magical process.
The effect is striking and the incredibly sexy result will doubtlessly attracts eyes as surpised as seduced!
I adore!!!

Collection Abracadabra by I.D Sarrieri Collection Abracadabra by I.D Sarrieri
Collection Abracadabra by I.D Sarrieri Collection Abracadabra by I.D Sarrieri Collection Abracadabra by I.D Sarrieri Collection Abracadabra by I.D Sarrieri
Click to enlarge

Swimwear collection Abracadabra by ID Sarrieri: corporate website / eshop

[Like] Sarrieri Summer 2014

Sarrieri summer 2014

Like Agent Provocateur with it Soiree collection, but less expensive, ID Sarrieri presents this spring two collections: the collection Lingerie and the absolutely stunning collection Couture.
Delicate and sophisticated, this lingerie catches this eyes as a magnet. These garments are to wear as a silky setting or as a real evening wear depends on pieces.
A lingerie Haute-Couture and Avant-Garde we really like to feature on Petite-Coquette!

Sarrieri summer 2014
Sarrieri summer 2014 Sarrieri summer 2014 Sarrieri summer 2014 Sarrieri summer 2014 Sarrieri summer 2014 Sarrieri summer 2014
Click to enlarge

Lingerie ID Sarrieri Summer 2014: corporate website / online store

Christmas Lingerie, IV: why not a few sequins

Yes, but exceptional sequins!
Ravishing and brillant chemise designed by ID Sarrieri, to wear in my opinion with a knickers a little more sophisticated than on the pictures.
Guaranted effect for a shiny Christmas!

Chemise ID Sarrieri - Click to see more pictures

Chemise Sarrieri on Cazar

Fascinating Sarrieri

Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

More Avant-Garde than ever, the new AW 2013 ID Sarrieri collection has been unveiled on their corporate website and is already available to order on the brand online store.
Their Haute-Couture lingerie is extremely sophisticated and incredibly seductive. A fascinating collection, full of sensuousness and delicacy!

Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

Lingerie ID Sarrieri: corporate website / online store

Almost naked

Sarrieri Lingerie

But though deliciously dressed by the light pieces from the Sarrieri Belle de Jour collection now available on its eshop.
A simple veil of chiffon and a few lace flowers which will makes you a princess!

Sarrieri sexy Lingerie Sarrieri sexy Lingerie
© Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

Lingerie ID Sarrieri available on its online store

Back to the Future

Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

In the same time vintage and futurist, the new ID Sarrieri collection is one the more creative we have seen this season.
A lingerie spectacular, sexy and suprising which will be available on Sarrieri's eshop in the next few days but to discover immediately on the official website.

Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

Lingerie ID Sarrieri Spring/Summer 2013 available soon on their online store

Christmas Lingerie, IX: the Sarrieri diamonds

Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

There is brillant things, with and without wordplay, among the Sarrieri's winter collections which are now available on their eshop.
Note that they offer express delivery so it's still time for a Christmas gift!

Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

Lingerie ID Sarrieri available on their own eshop

The Sarrieri sexy autumn

Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

Pictured in a provocative tendancy, the new ID Sarrieri fall/winter 2012/13 lingerie is above all seductive and could be worn of course in a romantic and glamour way depending on accessories.
Shiny and sophisticated autumn temptations to admire on

Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

Lingerie ID Sarrieri fall/winter 2012/13 available next autumn on their online store

Sarrieri Lingerie spring/summer 2012

Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

The new ID Sarrieri collection is online: on the menu much lace, chiffon, some silk ribbons and a few Swarovski cristals.
A spring/summer 2012 without big surprises but seductive, of which emerges a discreet sensuality and a soft charm.

Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie Sarrieri Lingerie
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

ID Sarrieri spring/summer 2012 lingerie available on their online store

I.D. Sarrieri brillant again...

id Sarrieri
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

...and not only because of Swarovski elements! The new ID Sarrieri collection has just been launched, on the corporate website and for a part on their online store, and it's full of beauty!
The collection is very varied and each piece is very tempting: retro pin-up tendancy, ultra-sophistication or charming romantism, there is sets for all tastes, from the wiser to the naughtiest...
An exceptional to lingerie to wear without moderation!

id Sarrieri id Sarrieri id Sarrieri
id Sarrieri
id Sarrieri id Sarrieri
Sarrieri - Click to enlarge

Lingerie ID Sarrieri winter 2011/12 available on their own online store

2010 Lingerie Year

L'année Lingerie 2010

As each year, here is our selection of the most beautiful, extravagant, surprising or sensual lingerie sets or brands presented on 2010 on petite-Coquette!

With a special mention and our congratulations
to the naughty French lingerie from Jupons de Tess

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Les Jupons de Tess
See all our articles about Les Jupons de Tess

One my favorite of the year
(I wear it almost everyday),
the Pleasure State kimono

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Pleasure State
See all our articles about Pleasure State

The Bridal range from Agent Provocateur
which gives a real desire to wed!

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Agent Provocateur
See all our articles about Agent Provocateur

Deconstructed pompoms, lacings and
ribbons from Bordelle

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Bordelle
See all our articles about Bordelle

The playful and sexy
eccentricity of Kriss Soonik

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Kriss Soonik
See all our articles about Kriss Soonik

The nostalgic charm
of Shell Belle

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Shell Belle
See all our articles about Shell Belle Couture

The ethereal grace
of Ell and Cee

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Ell and Cee
See all our articles about Ell and Cee

The evident attraction
of Strumpet & Pink

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Strumpet & Pink
See all our articles about Strumpet & Pink

The come-back under the sunlights
of I.D. Sarrieri

L'année Lingerie 2010 - I.D. Sarrieri
See all our articles about I.D. Sarrieri

And a wink to
Lise Charmel, sexier than ever!

L'année Lingerie 2010 - Lise Charmel
See all our articles about Lise Charmel

Sarrieri is finally back!

lingerie Sarrieri
Click to enlarge

The ID Sarrieri winter collection has finally been launched and is brillant!
To discover for the moment on the corporate Sarrieri's website because, even if the new collection is presented on the homepage of their official webshop, the products are not yet availables on the store...
Gorgeous Christmas temptations in the offing!

lingerie Sarrieri
lingerie Sarrieri
Click to enlarge

Lingerie ID Sarrieri available soon on their online store

Angélique Devil launches it eshop

Angelique Devil
Click to enlarge

The sexy-chic accessories Italian brand Angélique Devil, of which the Milan store is became a must-see, has just launched it webshop. On the menu luxury lingerie (Damaris, ID Sarrieri), gadgets, and of course the Angélique Devil collections: eccentric lingerie made in italy and often very pretty and many sexy boudoir accessories...
Angel or devil, you should appreciate a visit on Angélique Devil, a website definitly endearing ;-)

Angelique Devil
Angelique Devil Angelique Devil Angelique Devil Angelique Devil
Click to enlarge

Lingerie and accessories on Angélique Devil

The Sarrieri webshop is open (in english and in euro/pound !)

lingerie Sarrieri
Click to enlarge

Just in time for Christmas!
I refer to that news which announced in may the launching of the official webshop of I-D. Sarrieri but which was in Romanian only. It has just been updated and is now accessible in english with prices in euros or pounds and not only in Leu...
You will find all the last Sarrieri collections, among which some absolutely exceptional pieces!!

christmas lingerie Sarrieri lingerie Sarrieri lingerie Sarrieri
Click to enlarge

The official webshop of I-D. Sarrieri

Soon an official I.D. Sarrieri webshop ?

Click on picture to enlarge

In fact that official webshop has just been launched by I-D. Sarrieri and it seems like an excellent news: it provides indeed all their lingerie and nightwear collections, including past collections, accessories and there's also a clearance section. But, because there is a "but", that webshop is at the moment only in Romanian, with paiement in Romania Leu, so completely dedicated to Romanian people...
Waiting for a traduction and a webshop open to everybody, some pieces of their delicious summer 09 collection are available in english at Mio Destino.

Sarrieri nightwear Sarrieri lingerie
Click on pictures to enlarge

The webshop (in romanian) of I-D. Sarrieri
Sarrieri lingerie at Mio Destino

Gorgeous Sarrieri lingerie

Click on picture to enlarge

Of course you will be many to let comments or send me emails about the slimness of the model choosen by I.D. Sarrieri to present it summer 2009 collection, and I won't say you're wrong...
But if you stay concentrated in the softness of it lingerie, you must be blinded by the delicacy of the details, the quality of the fabrics and the sensuality which emerge of the collection...
Just think that it will be even more beautiful on you ;-)

Sarrieri lingerie
Sarrieri sexy lingerie Sarrieri luxury lingerie Sarrieri
Click on pictures to enlarge

The corporate website of I-D. Sarrieri
The webshops which provide I-D. Sarrieri lingerie

Sale on sumptuous Pleasure State collections

Pleasure state

Very interesting sales are running at Liaison Dangereuse (see the VIP Sale section) on marvellous lingerie sets from Pleasure State with most of the time 40% off, and still many sizes availables. See also the Sale section where you will find small prices on past collections: beautiful Chantal Thomass corsages, some pieces from I-D. Sarrieri and many Princesse Tam tam lingerie sets.
Just a few weeks before Christmas, it's too tempting ;-)

sale Pleasure state Pleasure state lingerie sale Pleasure state luxury lingerie

Pleasure State lingerie in sale at Liaison Dangereuse

Sales at Catriona Mackechnie

Click on picture to see larger

Some sales are running at Catriona Mackechnie with a small choice but proposed with 50% Off and from the highest lingerie brands (as Andres Sarda, Carine Gilson, Courtworth, Damaris, Dolce & Gabbana, Elise Aucouturier, Eres, Guia La Bruna, Huit, ID Sarrieri, Nina Ricci, Paul & Joe, Sonia Rykiel...)

Carine Gilson Carine Gilson
Carine Gilson Swimwear
Click on pictures to see larger

Lingerie & swimwear in sale at Catriona Mackechnie

Soft pleated silk by Sarrieri


Summer 2008 novelties from ID Sarrieri are presented on the corporate website of the brand and among it two sets in pleated silk already availables at Mio Destino makes me completely crazy!
A marvellous lingerie which don't need any accessory; as an invitation to let your nightwear in the cupboard...

Sarrieri lingerie Sarrieri silk lingerie

ID Sarrieri lingerie available at Mio Destino

Sales at Liaison Dangereuse

Chantal Thomass Sales
Chantal Thomass

Sales on winter collections at Liaison Dangereuse with a large lingerie choice: luxurious (Chantal Thomass, Elise Aucouturier, ID Sarrieri, Pleasure State), trendy (Princesse Tam Tam) or sexy (Madame V, Mimi Holliday) and some swimwear from Moontide with 30% to 40% Off.
Just in times for Valentine's Day!

Madame V Sales Madame V
Princesse Tam Tam Sales Princesse Tam Tam
Madame V / Princesse Tam Tam

Liaison Dangereuse

I.D. Sarrieri fall-winter 2007/08

I D Sarrieri
Click on picture to see larger

I cannot say that I'm dazzled by the presentation, in a style "pictures retouched by a beginner", but if we stay concentrated on lingerie models there is, as usual with I.D. Sarrieri, some pieces absolutely gorgeous in it's fall/winter new collections. And particularly this bustier and pearls garter-knickers set which will certainly be at a good place in our most beautiful lingerie of the year charts!

I D Sarrieri lingerie
Click on picture to see larger

New collections from I-D. Sarrieri availables soon in this online lingerie boutiques

All the online lingerie stores

You will find here the links to all the interesting online lingerie shops.
logo Our logo identifies, well on, our favourite...

Agent Provocateur: Website
Brands: Agent provocateur.

Axfords: Website
Brands: Axfords.

Azaleas NYC: Website
Brands: Cosabella, Deborah Marquit, Euclid, Huit, Loungewear Betty, Malicious Design, Underglam, Wendy Glez.

Bare Necessities: Website
Brands: Aubade, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Chantelle, Cosabella, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Elle MacPherson, Grigioperla, Jezebel, La Perla, La Perla Black Label, Le Mystère, Leigh Bantivoglio, Malizia, Marvel, Roberto Cavalli, Spoylt, Wolford.

Brigade Mondaine: Website
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Cazar: Website
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Coco de Mer: Website
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Damaris & Mimi Holliday: Website
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Dessus Dessous: Website
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Ell and Cee: Website
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Eternal Spirits: Website
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Fairy Goth Mother: Website
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Fifi Chachnil: Website
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Figleaves: Site (USA)
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Fleur of England: Website
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Fox & Rose: Website
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Fred & Ginger: Website
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Glamorous Amorous: Website
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Glamuse: Website
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Im Imports: Website
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Intimi: Website
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Kiki de Montparnasse: Website
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La Nouvelle Vague: Website
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Valisere: Website
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Violet's Knickers: Website
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Fifi Chachnil & Guia la Bruna at half price

Summer sales are launched at Faire Frou Frou and the more famous names of the lingerie world are present: I-D. Sarrieri, Carine Gilson, Lavande SWK, Myla, Spoylt, Vannina Vesperini and many more; most of time at half price and sometimes with 70% off...!
Here is some samples of things rare, sexy, luxurious and... inexpensive:

Many sets, skirts, corsets and nightwear from Fifi Chachnil with 50 or 70% off

Fifi Chachnil Fifi Chachnil Lingerie Fifi Chachnil Nightwear

Pieces from the winter 2006 collection of Guia la Bruna at half price:

Guia la Bruna Guia la Bruna Nightwear

And lingerie from John Galliano, so hard to find online,
and in sale here with reductions from 30 to 70%...

John Galliano John Galliano Lingerie John Galliano Underwear

Faire Frou Frou
Faire Frou Frou in our lingerie boutiques guide

Luxurious sales at Nancy Meyer

Fleur T Lingerie
Click on picture to see larger.

Semi annual sale at Nancy Meyer. On the menu this marvellous collection from Fleur T and lingerie from many famous brands as Eres, Huit, La Perla, Andres Sarda, Dolce Gabbana, I-D. Sarrieri, Nina Ricci, Parah, Rittrati...

Fleur T Fleur T Fleur T Knickers
Click on pictures to see larger.

Many beautiful things among which I have noted this exceptional lingerie pieces from Dolce & Gabbana - La Perla / Andres Sarda - D&G

Dolce Gabbana La Perla
Andres Sarda Dolce Gabbana Intimo
Click on pictures to see larger.

Lingerie Nancy Meyer

I-D. Sarrieri lingerie fashion show

A nice video found on Youtube: a 10 minutes catwalk of fashion lingerie from I-D. Sarrieri (2007 collections) with the top model Adriana Karembeu in guest star! So sweet...

I-D. Sarrieri lingerie available in this online lingerie boutiques.

Haute couture lingerie by I-D. Sarrieri

I D Sarrieri

I-D. Sarrieri present il spring-summer 2007 lingerie, and especially it Chantilly collections: refined and sumptuous lingerie, close from Haute-Couture with it so delicates fabrics and sophisticated designs. A lingerie rare and beautiful for exceptional moments...

I D Sarrieri Lingerie I D Sarrieri Luxe Lingerie

New collections from I-D. Sarrieri available soon in this online lingerie boutiques.

Luxe lingerie in sale at Cazar

I D Sarrieri Nightwear

Advice of the day? Go without delay make a visit in the sales section at Cazar. You will find gorgeous lingerie from very pretigious brands (Guia la Bruna, I.D. Sarrieri, Pleasure State, Ravage, Parah,...) with reduction from 40% to 60% off! A perfect occasion treat itself to (or to buy for) exceptionnal lingerie...

Guia la Bruna Suspender Guia la Bruna Loungewear
Naory Bustier Pleasure State Corset
Pictures: I.D. Sarrieri
Guia la Bruna - Guia la Bruna
Naory - Pleasure State

Cazar Lingerie: Infos Site

The most beautiful lingerie of the year

At the hour to soon begin a new year, here a small return over 2006 with a personal selection of the 12 more beautiful lingerie sets discovered in my preferred designers. A so subjective choice, of course, between so many seductive collections. And you, which do you prefer?

The beautiful pearl lingerie from I-D. Sarrieri
I. D. Sarrieri

The sumptuous kimono of Carine Gilson
Carine Gilson

The light chemise of Emma Benham
Emma Benham Emma Benham

The Agent Provocateur bridal lingerie
Agent Provocateur

The Chantal Thomass bustier
Chantal Thomass

The delicate chiffon from Samantha Chang
Samantha Chang Samantha Chang

The Pleasure State sophistication
Pleasure State

The sensuous chemise from Janet Reger
Janet Reger

This mysterious Beau Bra knickers
Beau Bra Beau Bra

The provocative softness of Myla

The ingenuous Guia la Bruna
Guia la Bruna

The playful Spoylt skirt
Spoylt Spoylt

Sure, it misses some much but it is hard to choose… Just try to choose one of them among these twelve!

Sonia Rykiel lingerie online at Cazar

Sonia Rykiel Lingerie

Undoubtedly, the german boutique is on expansion. After the presentation of really pretty lingerie ranges from Pleasure State and I.D. Sarrieri, it's now Sonia Rykiel who appears in Cazar's catalogue. A very good news for this brand lovers, of which the lingerie was near impossible to find on internet before that.

Sonia Rykiel Underwear Sonia Rykiel

Cazar Lingerie: Details Site

Warm Christmas, Part I: a first present...

The cold weather installed now in France remind us that Christmas approach and decide me to start a little series to suggest you some present as pleasant to offer as to receive...
I will start with some ideas for those who may be will offer lingerie for the first time. You should stay wise, dear reader: nothing from Myla or Damaris for a first present, except of course if Madam is a regular reader of Petite-Coquette... The easier to offer is nightwear: a little chemise, as for example the Charnos (45£ at Figleaves) or the La Senza (28£) one's are an excellent way for fist steps in the silky world of the dessous chics:

La Senza Nightwear

If you are decided to offer a set, although it's less easy to present, you can buy with your eyes (almost) closed anything from Aubade and Ravage: all is sensual but sufficiently wise to be appreciated by every charming girl.

Aubade Set Ravage Salsa Set

A little bit sexy and absolutely lovely, I warmly recommend you to have a look on the collections from Fleur T at La Femme Fatale which offer 15% to our readers until november the 15th with the special discount code FATCOQUETTE !

Fleur T Silk Lingerie

Last but not least, for those who need absolute luxury and exceptional garments, don't miss the superb autumn-winter 2006 collections from the Italian I-D. Sarrieri who has composed a so delicate and so gracious lingerie !

ID Sarrieri Lace Lingerie

Don't forget to help yourself with our Lingerie Size Guide
(after have taken some marks in the drawers
;-) )

Jean Yu lingerie available online !

Here is an excellent news: the silky and sensual lingerie from Jean Yu, which where until then reserved to New-Yorkers, is now distributed online by Nancy Meyer, which is establishing more and more as a reference website for top of the range lingerie (Carine Gilson, ID Sarrieri, Andres Sarda...). Sure it will cost us some money (about 300 $ for a piece) but it's a rarity dazzlingly beautiful...

Jean Yu Jean Yu
Jean Yu Jean Yu

Jean Yu lingerie presented at Nancy Meyer: Details Site

A little sales roundup

Summer sales are nearly closed but there is some boutiques where we still find large choice and small prices. Here is a Coquette selection of clearance department:

Cazar (Cristina Iaia, Ravage, Lejaby, Nefer, Simone Pérèle, Aubade, Parah, Lise Charmel, Verde Veronica)
Damaris et Mimi-Holliday (All collections with 30% off)
GlamOutlet (La Perla, La Perla Black Label, Marvel, Occhi Verdi, Oceano)
Figleaves (Huit, Lejaby, Cosabella, Calvin Klein, Peasure State, Argentovivo, Andres sarda, Morgan)
Indulge Fashion (ID Sarrieri, Simone Pérèle, Arianne, Pleasure State, Princesse Tam tam)
Lady Barbarella (Damaris, Emma Benham, Fleur T, Frankly Darling, Guia la bruna, Spoylt, yes Master)
Be Cheeky (Luxxa, Eternal Spirits, Yes Master, Damaris, Calvin Klein, Charnos, Janet Reger, Playboy, Morgan, Mimi Holliday, Sally Jones)
Faire Frou Frou (Vagin Pouvoir, Spoylt, Fifi Chachnil, Myla, Ungaro)

Emma Benham Lingerie Soldes
Lingerie Fleur T en Solde
Pictures: Emma Benham / Fleur T
From: Lady Barbarella

Delicious Lingerie I-D. Sarrieri

I D Sarrieri Lingerie

I'm really falled in love with this new lingerie collections from I-D. Sarrieri presented this morning on the brand website. The top designer has create a lingerie amazing from grace and sensuality. It's light, delicate, precious and mysterious... In a word, that's delicious !

ID Sarrieri Lingerie IDSarrieri Lingerie

New lingerie collections from I-D. Sarrieri available soon in this shops.

Faire Frou-Frou Launch a Blog

The Californian boutique Faire Frou-Frou launch it "lingerie blog". On the menu at Frou Frou Fashionista we will find some stars scantilly dressed (here Ashlee Simpson), lingerie show pictures, and current events on the boutique.

lingerie-ashlee-simpson lingerie-id-sarrieri-show
pictures: Ashlee Simpson / I.D. Sarrieri

Faire Frou-Frou Lingerie: The Blog The Boutique

Chantal Thomass lingerie

La perla lingerie



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